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Lunch in Halifax - seeing where it all happens!

Today, I had the good fortune to go to lunch with Susan in Halifax! I met Susan and other ALIA staffers including Karen and Cara Lynn at ALIA Europe last year. I grew up in Nova Scotia (Amherst actually!) and it was fun to connect with other Nova Scotian's in the middle of Europe at the ALIA gathering! I'm in Halifax for a few weeks - visiting friends and family. I also led a workshop here - Working with Polarity and Wholeness - that was great fun and you can read what people thought of the workshop by going to

It was great to touch base with ALIA - and I was amazed to see that the organisation which does SO MUCH great work - works out of a relatively small (but lovely!) office with only five staff! WOW! Impressive. While I was there, I passed on a donation to the ALIA Scholarship Fund - to be earmarked particularly for ALIA Europe 2011. Myself and my colleagues who lead workshops under the Creating from Polarity banner have decided to give 5% of our profits from workshops to the ALIA Scholarship Fund. I'd really like to encourage other people to do something similiar - even if (like us!) you don't make a huge profit from your work, every little contribution can help ALIA increase the diversity of people who are able to come to the ALIA gatherings.

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Comment by Beth Follini on August 24, 2010 at 4:58pm
Definately! We are going to draft an email to all the European Alumni with a range of suggestions on how to help bring more diverse people to ALIA which includes donations, asking their companies to sponsor another place, doing fundraising work and considering contributing a share of their profits of workshops or work to the Scholarship Fund. Let us know when plans for next year are confirmed and we will send you the draft email!
Comment by Susan Szpakowski on August 24, 2010 at 1:03pm
Yes, thank you for your leadership, Beth. We really are all running the show together. It has been inspiring to see you, Zach, and Valentine picking up the challenge of making ALIA Europe more accessible to leaders bringing diverse perspectives. Let's think together about how to amplify your invitation to contribute to the scholarship fund for this next cycle.
Comment by Aftab Erfan on August 24, 2010 at 1:36am
Hi Beth. Your story reminds me of when I first came across ALiA while I was living in Halifax. I was convinced there was a staff of 20 people running the show. Also, when I first went to the Summer Institute in 2007, I was convinced there were 3000 people in attendance. I only learned a year later that it was 300 people!
And on behalf of all past and future scholarship recipients who couldn't get to ALiA without funding: Thank you for your donation.
Comment by Susan Szpakowski on August 18, 2010 at 8:35pm
Yes, we are a small but mighty team. It was great to see you, Beth. More to come....

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